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We Are Golden

I'm feeling these:

 Flowers in my hair
 A top like this one and a cold drink in my hand
 Lying on the grass
Sitting/napping/swinging on a hammock 
 Lying on the Beach/A flowery Bikini
Sitting by the pool, dipping my feet in the water
Long Golden Locks
Braids (like this one)
And Cupcakes

Im sure these would get me out of this foul mood that I have. But they all seem so far away. Even cupcakes. *Sigh*

Source: Tumblr


  1. Anonymous13.4.11

    These inspirations are great! Don't worry dear, I think we're all ready for sweet summer, but it's gonna be here pretty soon!

  2. Anonymous14.4.11

    Lovely lovely photos! Soak up some sun and get out of that funk! Also, I gave you an award on my blog. Go ahead and check it out!

  3. Lovely pictures!
    I'm follow your blog.

    Alice M.


  5. beautiful and inspiring pictures!!
    visit me back on my blog :)

  6. Hello There!
    I just want you to know that I really enjoy your work and I gave you an award on my blog! Hope you can find your way to it!

  7. Cool inspirations!

  8. Anonymous16.4.11

    Love! the flowery bikini!!
    Tell me... where did you find this jewel?

  9. Found the image on tumblr! if you happen to fins a bikini like that in store please do tell :) x

    and thank you everyone :) xx


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