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New Hair Cut: LOB

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Hello, hello! I'm back after taking a couple of weeks off from Sound of Sweet Lullabies. I had a few reasons. One of them being the weather which did not allow for any outfit pictures for a few day and I didn't have any prepared previously, followed by catching a cold and not having any energy, not even enough to upload to the Instagram much, and then some time to get back into it and actually take some pictures. But I'm back and ready to start the year with hopefully fun, great outfits and some new things for the blog. 

I just wanted to write a little about my hair and why I decided to cut it! If you follow me on Instagram I post a picture right away after cutting and colouring it and I was so excited about it. I spent the last couple months thinking about what changes I wanted to my hair. Originally I wanted to work on the colour. Unfortunately every time I had retouched my roots (even thought I went to the same salon), it was a different colour. I knew to get a decent look/colour out, it would cost a fortune, specially since I wanted a big change. So I thought about what I can do for my hair to have a fresh, healthy start and I started to consider cutting it. At fist I thought about 4 inches off, then that number kept going up until I settled on a long bob (LOB)... I'd had the same hairstyle for years now and I thought it was a good move. I'd cut my hair short in the past, which was followed by deep regret but this time, I was sure I wanted this and I have to say I absolutely love it. My hair feels like and fluffy, my neck feels lighter, I enjoy the new highlights and I think so far its been a perfect match to my style. I'm also glad I found a new salon that I'm sure to return to "The House of Blond". And since its such a trendy haircut this year, there's always inspiration out there for styling it.

So, what do you think about my new hair cut? would love to hear your thoughts and if you've made any major changes for the year 2015! 


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