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Faux Fur Coat Blues


So I ordered this Faux Fur Coat in a small size, but since I am so very short it looks extremely big on me. Makes me look like a bear really. Damn height. But it does feel extremely comfy and warm so Im sad that I have no choice but to return it. ~sniffles~
I've been so unmotivated lately. My room is a complete mess. All my clothes and shoes are scattered all over my room and closet. I have no energy to dress up or go out. I haven't been doing any workout for a while now and must start as summer is approaching. I eat nothing but junk food lately and my skin is a mess.
My kitty cat's fur was all tangled and knotted, so I finally got him down to the groomers and since her assistant wasn't around, I was the one who had to help out. Now I'm back home with a grumpy, extremely skinny persian kitty. heehee


  1. cool, i love faux furs <3

  2. Totally feeling you on the unmotivated front. Urgh, my rooms a total mess, its a bit of a vicious cycle because the mess then makes me feel even worse - oops!!


  3. oh I have the same style and I love it, it's so comfy.. I am also sad you have to return it :(

    pari, you shouldn't let yourself go like this.. no matter if you feel down or if your skin is a mess (why are the concealers for??).. you can at least get up and make some poses with some creative outfits for us, you gorgeous girl! :)

    if you don't have the energy to tidy up your room, get out of the house! :)))

    am I annoying you by saying that?? sorry, that's me! :P


  4. You are so right!! Thank you for the advice and the push! Im definitely feeling more upbeat today and will post outfit pictures later on :) xx

  5. you have to feel happy because spring will coming to you!! Here is sooo cold already, winter started and i make me feel sooo depressed to go to work with this cold and grey weather.

    Enjoy and not worry to much for mess or height ... life is awesome!!! xoxo!


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