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Blazing Red

Trying to decide what to wear for a formal cocktail party, as usual I was thinking 'urgh I don't have anything to wear'. Then came across this red dress which has been resting in my closet for a few months waiting for a chance to be worn. I decided to be a bit bold -(well bold for me because I usually wear subtle colours with a little bit of colour-accent if any)- and wear red head to toe. Red Lipstick, Red Dress, Red Pumps and Red Clutch + a flower in my hair :)
(Chanel Lipstick, Rare Dress from Asos, Aldo Pumps)

I wanted to take it easy on the accessories so I put on a pearl set my parents gave to me as a graduation present. Although I tried to show them off in the pictures, the lighting was off so here's a detail:
(H&M Hair Accessory, H&M Clutch, Pearl Jewelry Set)

Travel Diaries: Florence I

After a summer spent in Budapest, I made my way to Florence to start my studies and my new life. I arrived on a weekend so had a couple of days of walking around the city and site seeing.
 Within the first week of school we were settled in, got to know each other, a few housewarming parties followed by drinking in parks and quickly became familiar with the night life.
Some shots from the view we witnessed on daily basis walking around:
Street Art done by art school students:
Duomo peeking through the buildings:
 There are all kinds of 'Simpsons' products in Italy. They even have 'Duff Beer' and well we couldn't resist their cookies :)
The last nigh spent with some of my Firenze family at Piazzale Michelangiolo.
 The view from my room's window. :)

More to come...

if you wanted to use any of these pictures please remember to give me credit. 

Blossoms All Around

Wearing some bright colors to lift up my spirit but bringing it down a notch with the white sweater as it is still chilly.  Also I want Ray-Ban Aviators.
The rain has started yet again which means no outdoor pictures for a while. But I have 'travel diaries' from 9 more cities lined up to share and all from 2009-2010... life was so interesting back then:)  

(Staring at Stars Sweater, Vintage Dress, Zara Boots, Urban Outfitters Pouch) 

Travel Diaries: Budapest, Hungary

I was browsing through my pictures and came across last years pictures and realized I had traveled quite a bit, so I decided to share with you, photo diaries of my travels and the first stop is Budapest. The first time I visited Budapest was in 2007 during my two weeks off school to visit my brother and sister in law. Thats when I did most of my site seeing but since I didn't have a nice camera back then and no zoom I don't have any powerful photos of the beautiful Budapest.
 The second time around, was summer '09 as I packed up my life to start my adventures in Italy. But first stop, Budapest for the birth of my niece.
This time around we spent all summer either at home, by the pool or in my case sick in bed and drowsy from strong painkillers and allergy medicine. There's really nothing much fashion related to these photos and my style has changed a lot since, but I hope you don't mind and still enjoy them :) xx

Life Goes On

(Staring at Stars Sweater, H&M Skirt, Aldo Shoes, Asos Ipad Case (aka clutch), YSL Ring)

First off, My list on Music Festivals was featured in Fashiolistas Facebook page and I feel so honoured and thankful to Fashiolista for choosing my list :) You can see the Facebook feature here and more of my list here. I hope you guys enjoy the list too. 

With the sun out and the wind blowing as strong as ever, I thought it was a good idea to wear this maxi skirt and let it play in the wind. Problem: no wind while we were taking picture. But as soon as the camera was put away and we made our way into the city I had to hold my skirt down. heehee. Life...
I got the Ipad case from Asos to use as a clutch since I don't have an Ipad as of yet. I just couldn't resist the colour and the price. and who knows, maybe it opens a way to an Ipad? xx

I've Suffered Shipwrecks Right From the Start

(Vintage/Aldo/Expression Rings, Zara Belt, MiuMiu Sunglasses, Pins&Needles Lace Dress, Silence+Noise Jumper, River Island Safina Ankle Boots ) 

Decided to take it easy with a simple lace dress and a jumper over it. What I love about these ankle boots is a) They're really comfortable. b) Simple but elegant c) They look good with pants/shorts/dresses and skirts.  

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