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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up

This is from the evening of our second day in San Francisco when I had to layer up since it started to get colder. So I added my favourite scull scarf and puffer jacket, still keeping true to the all black ensemble if you will...
I loved the pink sunset over the water. It looked stunning!


Zara Diamond Quilt Puffer Jacket { similar } { similar }
Zara Skull Print Scarf { similar } { similar }
Michael Kors Jet Smart Tote { in black }
Zara Embellished Knit Sweater { similar } { similar }
Zara Ruffle Skirt { similar } { similar }
Choies Over the Knee Boots { similar } { similar }

San Francisco, Day Two

Here's what I wore during our second day in San Francisco. I will have a photo diary of the places we visited during the trip later on. I love an all black outfit and these Choies boots are also extremely comfortable and perfect for travel. I'm so glad I packed them. 


Zara Embellished Knit Sweater { similar } { similar }
Zara Ruffle Skirt { similar } { similar }
Choies Over the Knee Boots { similar } { similar }
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Walnut Creek

Spent a day shopping around in Walnut Creek during my stay in San Francisco. During my trip, both in Atlanta and San Francisco I survived by wearing these boots from Choies. Extremely comfortable and so very stylish :)


ZARA Embellished Turtle Neck Sweater { similar } { similar }
BDG Skinny Jeans { similar } { similar }
Michael Kors Jet SetTote { in black }
Choies Studded Booties { similar }

Smokey Eyes

Here's the forth and last of the makeup series from Atlanta. And as you can see there's a change in my hair.

Before leaving for Atlanta, I ended up being rather busy which stopped me from a visit to the salon to get my roots touched and my cousin was kind enough to get me an appointment during my stay there. So knowing I'll be in good hands, I thought I'd use the opportunity to freshen up my look with a new colour and cut. We went to the Joseph & Friends salon where I met with the beautiful Maria Ferrer Riggert (who is a master hair stylist and an educator) and after hours of work ( waiting on my part ) and a heavy head that was weighing down my neck ( all that colour :P..) I was so very happy. This is the colour I've been wanting for years now and I finally got it :) ... I had a blast at the salon, and I want to thank Maria and Joseph for my new hairstyle.

As for the make up, with my new look, we decided to go darker with a smokey eye and an all black outfit. This is definitely my favourite make up by far. I've always been a big fan of smokey eye makeup, but always failed to make it work for me. Now thanks to Haleh, I can enjoy wearing it... ( i still can't make it look as good, but it works)

If you live in Atlanta and are looking for a hair and makeup artist for an event, feel free to contact Haleh via Facebook for rates and other details.


ZARA Dress { similar } { similar }
Nasty Gal Faye Platform Heels { in red } { oil slick }

When it Snows

Back in december we had a day of snow and I just had to step out and play with the snow...


Zara Hat { similar }
Zara Puffer Jacket { similar } { similar }
Forever 21 Knit Sweater
Zara Skirt { similar } { similar }
Zara Boots { similar }

Side Zipper Sweater

I think this is one of my favourite outfit combos. I enjoyed matching up the colours in the plaid trousers to bring the outfit together. I think there is a lot of hard meet soft: The fit of the knit sweater is rather feminine, but the use of the zipper and the leather elbow patches add quite a lot of edge to it; plaid is both classy and punk at the same time; the shoes bring all the femininity with the colour and the soft look, which balances the hardness of the Alexander Wang studded bag and as for the accessories, a statement necklace paired with delicate rings...


ZARA Statement Necklace { similar } { similar }
ZARA Zipper Detail Knit Sweater { similar } { similar } { similar }
ZARA Plaid Trousers { similar }
Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag { gold studs }
Schutz Celina Ankle Strap Sandals { black/pearl } { black/brown }
Aldo, Hollywood Boutique, H&M Rings { similar } { similar } { similar }
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

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