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Travel Diaries: Budapest, Hungary

I was browsing through my pictures and came across last years pictures and realized I had traveled quite a bit, so I decided to share with you, photo diaries of my travels and the first stop is Budapest. The first time I visited Budapest was in 2007 during my two weeks off school to visit my brother and sister in law. Thats when I did most of my site seeing but since I didn't have a nice camera back then and no zoom I don't have any powerful photos of the beautiful Budapest.
 The second time around, was summer '09 as I packed up my life to start my adventures in Italy. But first stop, Budapest for the birth of my niece.
This time around we spent all summer either at home, by the pool or in my case sick in bed and drowsy from strong painkillers and allergy medicine. There's really nothing much fashion related to these photos and my style has changed a lot since, but I hope you don't mind and still enjoy them :) xx


  1. lovely blog! u look nice <3

  2. Your niece is so cute :) xx

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Thank you Mayflower:) She's even cuter now that she's almost 2 :) xx


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