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Its interesting how one's sense of style changes gradually without any notice. 
I remember last year I avoided jeans as much as I could and the weather permitted, 
but this year I'm constantly in jeans, specially high waisted ones. 
I got these jeans a couple of years ago from H&M and only wore them once here and 
now it's made its way out of my closet yet again. 
And these ShoeMint heels, I simply can't get enough.  

I've been trying different hairstyles and braids to add some excitement to my usually wavy 
and down hair and this is one of the ones I think works well for my hair and this look. 


ZARA Blouse | Similar , Similar |
H&M Jeans | Similar , Similar |
ShoeMint Heels | Similar, Similar,  Similar in BlackSimilar In Blue |

Flower Garden

I've added so many floral prints to my closet this spring and I just can't get enough. 
This print is so sweet, soft and has a sense of romance and cheer. So I was excited to find both a jumper, 
that can be so elegant and youthful at the same time, and the matching blazer to add some seriousness to the outfit.


ZARA Blazer | Similar, Similar |
ZARA Jumpsuit | Similar, Similar |
ShoeMint Heels | Similar, Similar in Black, Similar In Blue  | 

Splash of Blue


ZARA Dress | Similar |
American Eagle Wedges | Similar |
Aldo / Other Bracelets: Here 

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 Black and white outfit with a pop of colour thanks to my Kate Spade Bag ( Similar herehere and here) and Nike trainers
 Fresh flowers and some of my fave jewelries at the moment : Asos Rosary Anklet , Earings, Cross Bracelet ...
 My new and fave Heels and bag: NastyGal Heels, Michael Kors Handbag
 So excited when these arrived at my doorstep!
 Relaxing on a weekend afternoon with my kitty Pash, Cantaloupe Smoothie and sunny weather in the balcony. 
 Shoes shoes shoes! Spent a whole weekend re-organizing my closet and it's never looked this clean. 
 Breakfast with mom. 
 I'm in love with this hairstyle. Perfect for summer. 
 Pierre Hardy for Nars Nail Polish.

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This blazer falls so perfectly and comfortably on the body and I love the embroidery detail on the sleeves.


ZARA Blazer | Similar |
Wilfred Lace Dress
ZARA Heels

Field of Flowers


This location, the background, the brightness of the sun and the perfect amount of shade has quickly made this one of my favourite posts picture wise.  

First thing I thought about when I picked up this dress after the floral print attracted me to it was how many colours can go together with it. Of course by that I mean shoes and if you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen some of the decisions  had to make before choosing these red heels.

On another note, in an attempt to give my hair a new look I tried this braid and it's become one of my favourite hairstyles. It's specially great for summer. Let me know if you guys would like a "How-To". 



Aldo Heels | Similar |
TopShop Ring

Black & White


Black and white combo with black and white pictures...


ZARA Heels | similar |

Snow Leopard II


Part two of the White Leopard post. Still love these prints. 


ZARA Coat | Similar |
ZARA Skirt | Similar |
ShoeMint Heels 

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