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On a Personal Note...


Hello my dears and thank you for visiting today. I wanted to take some time and write a little personal post since 2015 was a very slow and inactive year for Sound of Sweet Lullabies and it seemed like every time I posted, the first sentence was "I'm back for good" - I lied (lol). Honestly, I had a rough time. I felt tired, disappointed and uninspired in my everyday life which hugely effected my online blogging experience. Most of the year I couldn't bring myself to take pictures, and when I did I couldn't bring myself to posting. I felt like I have nothing to say and show. Again, it was a rough year. And as most of us experience this as we go through hard times, once we let go and fall down its hard to come back up (hard but not impossible). I tried very hard to get back into my positive and active (fitness wise) lifestyle of 2014, and early 2015 which gave me so much confidence and positive energy, but all the odds seemed to be against me.

It wasn't all bad in 2015 tho. I had a nice winter and a great spring. During spring I got to travel to Dubai, and spend time with my family and relatives for an incredible wedding, and minus the being sick for a month from a viral flu, I got to spent the rest of spring time with my bff before she left. But come summer the fun turned to stress and instead of beach days, I was mostly a mess. I did however work on some major DIY home improvement projects (which I will be sharing with you soon) that I'm very proud of.

Coming off that experience, I was more than happy for 2015 to be over, but I wasn't feeling very hopeful for this upcoming year either. I thought if I couldn't bring myself to pick myself back up the year before whats going to change that? certainly not the calendar. And this is where taking a break from oneself is so important. After all we are our worst critics. So, I booked a little vacation to Mexico for a little break. I swear it took me a couple of days to get out of my head during the trip and enjoy life again. I remember that day when all of a sudden I felt relaxed, I felt good and happy. Since then my energy is back up. I started my daily routine from 2014 again, I started working out everyday and things are clear once again. So I am hopeful for this year. I can't wait to travel again, enjoy life and go a little easier on myself. So here I am trying to get the blogging life started again and as I mentioned I do have outfits sitting patiently waiting to be posted.

If you stuck around with me so far thank you. Its not easy for me to write too much about myself and what I go through but it is something I want to do from now on so we can get to know each other a little better with each post. I would also love to hear from you and get to know you. On a related note, how do you deal when hard times come nocking? Share your tips and experiences 



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