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2014 Instagram Outfits x New Year Resolutions

In this previous post I shared my outfit post from the year 2014, and today I thought I'd share some of the outfits that I shared on Instagram but didn't make it into the blog.

Its 2015, and a chance for a new beginning and new goals. Did you guys stick to your last years resolutions? and what are your goals for this year?

 For many years, every year my resolution was to be fit, exercise more, eat healthy, blah blah and every year I failed. In 2014 however, I started with working out twice a week, then three, then four and by spring time I was working out at least 6 days a week. That was a huge accomplishment for me. I even made healthier choices when it came to food, but I think I still need to improve that.

Now for 2015, I've added to the goals to improve myself:

1. To continue and improve on making good food choices and continue working out regularly.
2. Learn meditation. It's been on my mind for so long to learn how to meditate.
3. Focus on myself and learn to love myself just the way I am. I think most of us (if not all) struggle with this. We let the negative take over and we constantly put ourselves down.
4. Be positive, more energized and organized.
5. Read more often.
6. Travel more often.

And there you have it. Some of the things I'd like to improve on this year.

Also today is the last day and therefore your last chance to join the Polette Eyewear giveaway on my Instagram account. You can win your favourite frames. Its open worldwide and they have selections for both men and women.



  1. Happy New Year and wish you all the best for 2015!!
    After a long break I am officially back and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. so nice.. ; -0)


    new post

  3. Great pictures! Love the outfits.



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