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The Hair is the Richest Ornament of Women.

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My 5th day into the cleanse and it hasn't been easy. Instead of facing the energy boost, I had to deal with a 'healing crisis' instead and I was very close to giving up yesterday. I'm actually surprised I've made it this far. 
As my cleanse has given me so much spare time -since I don't have the energy to go too far or workout nor have the need to prepare meals- and I have to keep myself occupied to lessen the pain of craving for food, I have been looking up hairstyles. I need a change and I like to do something new with my hair. The first dye job I got was black when I was 17 and I loved it. It transformed me greatly and I played with brown and black after that since they were in my safety zone. Then cut my hair short last year and have been counting every inch of growth since then because I wanted long locks for this summer. Got highlights in my hair (thanks to my lovely aunt) last summer and after dying my hair a caramel colour, now the highlights are out and shinny again. I still haven't decided what to do with my hair this time around, get some bangs? maybe dye it a bit lighter or darker? meanwhile enjoy these images of the beautiful ladies with beautiful hair that inspire me. 


  1. i loved almost all. highlights is always beautiful, but i liked more the third picture

  2. In love with the second picture.

  3. yes agreed!

  4. Congrats on making it this far! I agree about hair. Hair itself can make or break an outfit. It's the one constant accessory that we as women have.

    Live Life in Style

  5. such a cool post! Love especially the second and fifth pic. And the hippie vibe in the last one..great xoxo


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