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I've been back to Vancity for a few months now after a year long stay in Florence, Italy followed by a few trips here and there (oh how i miss it). Once I got back home I noticed everything boxed up in our apartment that was empty for over a year. I had to go through all the boxes which took me a whole week and I realized I tend to hold on to the stupidest things that may or may not come in handy at some point - something i take after my mom. But out of all those boxes, my favourite one was filled with my sketch books from my high school days all the way to uni. Among these sketchbooks I found one that I had turned into a Fashion scrapbook. I remember I would buy so many fashion magazine, look through them with detail and cut out my favourite pieces and pictures and glue them to this sketchbook. To my surprise, although most of these pictures date back to 5 years ago I still found the styles to be fresh and very now.

Going down memory lane I decided to take upon myself this blog and share my style, inspiration and passion with those who have the same interest out there. Sorry about the poor quality of these photos. I took them with my phone and in dim lighting.



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